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3 Common Myths & Misconceptions About Impact Windows

With changing global climate, hurricanes, cyclones and other extreme weather conditions are becoming increasingly common. And a rising number of regions are getting affected by the undesirable effects of extreme weather conditions. In such times, there is a dire need to build infrastructure that can withstand hurricanes and storms, which is precisely why an increasing number of homeowners are choosing impact windows for their homes.

However, there are still several misconceptions about impact windows, and this post talks about them. Let’s look at some of the common myths and misconceptions about impact windows so you can make a more informed choice for your property.

Impact Windows are Not Worth It

Several homeowners believe that impact windows are not worth investing in. After all, hurricanes and storms are only an occasional occurrence, so why invest in special windows?

Well, to begin with, it is always better to be safe than sorry. It is always best to have an impact window and not need it rather than requiring an impact window and not having it.

Moreover, impact windows provide several other benefits that extend beyond offering protection against storms and hurricanes.

Impact windows can withstand heavy impact and extreme pressure so if you install impact windows in your house, you are adding more to the safety of your property against all types of potential intruders. Furthermore, impact windows offer better protection against noise.

Another desirable feature of impact windows is the durable construct and energy efficiency, making them a perfect choice for all types of properties.

Impact Windows are Not Visually Appealing

A common misconception about impact windows is that they are heavy and visually unappealing. People assume that their heavy construct affects the amount of sunlight that enters your property. Perhaps the belief is rooted in the early days when impact windows were first created. They indeed used to be heavy and unattractive. But over the years, as technology improved, there is no apparent difference between impact windows and standard replacement windows today.

Impact Windows are Expensive

One of the biggest concerns for most homeowners is the cost of impact windows. Most homeowners assume that impact windows are very expensive, and thus the higher cost deters them from investing in impact windows. However, the reality is different. Indeed impact windows are expensive but think of it in terms of investment. The extra cost you pay for impact windows brings in additional benefits and peace of mind in extreme weather. And let’s accept it, in case you need window replacement due to extreme weather, it will cost you both in terms of money and inconvenience.

So, in a nutshell, impact windows may appear to be more expensive but in terms of convenience and peace of mind, investing in impact windows is worth it.

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