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4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

One thing we neglect the most in-home care is our windows. Although homes older than 20 years old are due for a change in windows, we confuse that with not changing our windows until they are 20 years old.

Identifying when your windows need to be replaced with new ones is essential. Fortunately, there are some signs you can look for to know when it’s time to replace your windows. This article will take you through 4 different signs to look for to know that you need to replace your windows.

4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

If you want to replace outdated windows or get better ones, you can visit Arizona Window Company to get the best window that suits your style and needs. However, it is essential to know when to replace your windows.

1. Broken or Cracked Glass

Not only are cracked glasses unpleasing to look at and ruin the overall look of your home, but they can also allow air, moisture, dust, bugs, and thieves inside. This makes broken glass or cracked glass the number one reason you need to get your windows replaced.

2. Increased Electricity Bill

If you’ve noticed that your electricity bill keeps increasing without any change that you’ve made yourself, consider looking at your windows. This could be because the windows are not doing a good enough job keeping the cool outside in winters or the cool inside in summers.

This could be because of leaks in your windowpanes that allow air to enter or escape. Try standing in front of the mirror to check if you feel any winds passing by. You could also try lighting a candle and moving it across the window frame to see when the candle flickers.

Replacing such windows with high-efficiency IGUs can help in saving 10 to 25% of your heating or cooling bills.

3. Difficulty Closing or Opening Windows

If you need to add force on your windows to open or close them, it is time to replace them with new ones. Windows should be operating smoothly, and opening or closing them should not be a hassle. This is essential if you need to open the window to let some smoke out or close it shut before you go to bed. A window that is not operating smoothly can be harmful in many ways.

4. Decaying Frames

Decaying window frames is a sure-fire way of telling you need new windows. Window frames are often exposed to moisture that can cause the wooden frames to rot. Decaying frames can lead to leaking, further accelerating the decay process and stimulating mold growth.


Knowing when you need to replace your windows and replacing them with new ones is essential for your safety and peace of mind. However, if you do not want to buy new windows, you could always repair them. Although replacing would be better than repairing, repairing is more economical. The Arizona Window Company Repair Services are specialists in repairing any window and glass.