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Why You Should Build A Glass House

If you want to make a statement with your new house, why not build a glass house? Channel the energy of famous architects and artists and impress your family and neighbors with a beautiful house of glass.

Bold, elegant, and minimalist –  these are just a few words that come to mind when you think of the famous glasshouses constructed back in the fifties. Glass windows allow for a lighter, brighter, and airier feel around your house, so why wouldn’t you want giant windows?

Why Are They Trendy?

Why are glass houses becoming more and more popular with younger homeowners who are big fans of minimalism? They allow more light to enter and highlight your home’s sleek lines and statements.Houses made mostly of glass are also popular because:

They Allow You to Be Close To Nature

You get to reconnect with nature since large windows allow you to enjoy the outside without having to brave the elements. They let your living room be a work of art as your guests can enjoy the sunset from the coffee table.

Let your plants get more light and thrive with them in your stunning home and they turn your home into a painting with epic views from each angle.the best way to accentuate a great backyard or garden is to have an unobstructed view from inside your house.

Don’t Have to Be All Glass

Don’t commit all the way. Everyone can’t pull off such a daring design, nor can they relinquish all their privacy in pursuit of aesthetics, but don’t let that stop you from taking inspiration from famous glasshouses by famous architects like Philip Johnson. Incorporate the same concept in your home by adding large windows to show off your backyard and garden.

They Are a Smarter Decision

They say don’t throw stones in glass houses, but glass walls are safer than wooden ones with modern technology andnd they’re energy efficient, too! They help you save up on heating in the cooler months because of the insulating properties of glass. This way, you can spend less on lighting and rely  more on natural light. Large windows are also a smart way to knock the property price up if you plan on selling later in life.

With endless reasons to build a house of glass or at least a house with huge windows, what stops people from building more of them? It’s simply because people are just scared. They may be scared of the price or what happens if the contractor messes up. It is hard to trust something that’s almost invisible.

What happens if there’s a tornado or some kid hits a homerun? A thousand things come to mind when you start building a new house. Sometimes that means a thousand worries. But don’t worry. Set yourself up by finding the right contractor and selecting the right kind of glass.

Be the talk of the town and have people googling who owns the big glasshouse. Have the peace of mind that your home is modern and classic at the same time. It’s energy-efficient while also being aesthetically pleasing. Allow yourself to enjoy the beautiful views while sipping your morning coffee or reading in the evening, or see your children play outside from the comfort of your couch.