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Advantages of Using Grills for Glass Windows

Installing grills on windows is a practice that goes way back. Many people in the modern era do not understand why grills are used on glass windows and what purpose they serve.

If you have glass windows at home, you should definitely think about installing grills. Here is why:

1. Safety

We all know that glass windows make a house vulnerable, especially if they are not layered with extra protection. Glass windows can give easy access to burglars or can even lead to vandalism. By using grills on glass windows, you amp up the security of your home.

However, installing grills is not only about keeping predators out of your home. Grills also help keep young children safe. We all know children somehow always find themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time. Window ledges are known to be dangerous since kids can easily lose their balance and fall over. If you have window grills installed, you do not have to worry about your child or pet getting hurt.

2. Ventilation

Even though glass windows allow sunlight to seep in, they completely block air circulation when they are closed. If you like keeping your windows open at night to allow fresh air to enter your house and work as a natural air conditioner, this may become a problem as any wild animal can find its way into your home.

By using grills for glass windows, you can sleep assured that no animal will sneak into your house at night. Moreover, window grills also keep big insects out of your home. Insects bring in diseases, so it is best to take precautions before you and your family members fall sick.

3. Beauty

Picture a magnificent wrought iron grill installed in your dining room. It looks beautiful, doesn’t it? The best part is that modern-day grills do not resemble prison steel bars anymore. You can find them in loads of colors, designs, and patterns to match the vibe of your home.

A plain glass window may start to look boring after a little while, but if you install grills, you can boost the look of your house instantly. Think of grills as a small accessory for the windows in your house.


Many people do not want to opt for window grills because they think that the grills will break up the view outside. However, there is nothing further than the truth. There are lots of grill styles available in the market that are different from the 6 over 6 grills.

You can even choose the 2 over 2 styles or only install grills on the top and leave the bottom bare for a better view outside. The kind of grills you choose depends on the kind of windows you have installed at home.