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Here is Why You Should Never DIY the Removal of Large Glass Windows

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If you are in the process of repairing or replacing your windows and are wondering whether you should remove the large pane of glass there, you should definitely reconsider it. Removing large glass is a dangerous process, even for many experienced glass contractors. Here are some of the reasons why glass removal and replacement are best left to professionals.

Glass is Fragile

Glass can easily break and shatter and when you are handling large pieces of glass, this risk is always there. Glass shards can injure anyone in the general vicinity. Most window glasses are typically one-fourth of an inch thick or less which makes them quite susceptible to cracking or breaking.

To make sure the pane of glass is placed securely in the window frame, our glass installers will use copious amounts of glazing compound to fix it in place. This makes it very difficult for the glass to come off the window easily. The more you try to pull it off, the greater are the chances of it breaking.

When remodeling your home, dealing with dangerous glass shards is the last thing you need. It may result in a small inconvenience like sweeping up the broken glass but it may also create a bigger risk of injury.

Glass Removal Requires Proper Tools

Since it is difficult to remove the glass from your windows, having the right tools is important for completing the project. Having the right equipment can mean the difference between completing the task safely or running the risk of injury.

As we have mentioned before, glass is securely fastened to the window with lots of adhesive. This needs to be done so that the glass does not come crashing down. However, this also makes it that much more difficult and dangerous to remove. To remove big pieces of glasses, special tools are needed. Specific equipment is also required to transport the glass from one place to another.

Hence, you should never use a crowbar or some other household tool to remove window glass.

Glass Requires Careful Handling

Even smaller pieces of glass or mirror need to be removed carefully without breaking. Bigger pieces of glass are much heavier than smaller glass. Also, since glass is not a flexible material, it requires another set of hands to hold it if it is more than 12 inches in length.

Even if you do get another family member to help you out, you will be putting them in a dangerous situation as well which is not worth the risk.

Glass Removal Adds Extra Work

When you try to pull a glass out of the window yourself, you may not just crack or break the glass, you will also damage the window that it is attached to. Depending on the damage, it can cost you hundreds of dollars to fix. Even if you try to fix the window yourself, it will result in extra work on your part.

This means more time, money, and labor.

If you do not want to go through this inconvenience, you should hire a professional glass contractor who can do the job for you in a fraction of the time and cost. At Arizona Window Company, we offer the services of professional window repairmen and installers who can fix and replace your window in a safe and convenient way. Reach out to us today by calling us at 480-526-4456.