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Window Designs for a Modern Home

Contemporary homes encompass aesthetic and practicality alike. Modern architecture is clean and bright thus windows are a prominent feature of the structure. Outstanding modern homes boast large and unique windows that add to the overall dynamics of the structure. They also let plenty of sunlight into the house and offer great views.  There are plenty of modern window styles to consider within contemporary architecture.

Let’s have a look at some great contemporary window designs below.

Fuss-free Windows

Fuss-free, frameless windows have gained popularity in recent years. This trend comes from a trendier yet simple approach to architecture. Often modern houses are also seen with large floor to ceiling frameless windows. By keeping frames to a minimum, you also keep costs to a minimum creating a simple window design with plentiful benefits.

Larger Windows

Modern architecture is clean and pristine, with emphasis on larger windows and better views. In modern structures, you will see larger windows being used that are often frame-less or are picture windows. These Contemporary window designs often require a minimal finish and are also easy to maintain. Modern structures usually have a lot of larger spaces for windows.

Motorized Skylights

Motorized skylights are a great addition to windows in a house. They add to sunlight and ventilation whilst lending a stylish touch to the space. With their motorized mechanism, these skylights are easy to operate. They often are automated to detect the temperature and open/close accordingly. For example: If the skylight is letting too much heat in the home it will shut itself or if it detects moisture such as raindrops it will shut.

A Balanced Budget

Modern windows also often balance out your budget as they are often manufactured from aluminum as compared to timber or other materials. Aluminum allows the creation of slender frames and larger glass units. Hence more light enters into the house creating a bright living space that exudes modern appeal. Timber windows can also often be used in modern architecture and can be just as effective as aluminum windows. It really depends what architectural style you are going for. For example, timber windows would fit period style homes.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are all the rage these days. Picture windows are an extremely popular modern window style and can let you admire the garden from inside the house. These window styles create a connection with nature and the outdoors. Large picture windows also let plenty of sunlight and fresh air enter your house. It is the perfect spot to relax with a great book and your favorite drink. The latest architectural designs also include sliding doors leading to the outdoors, such as your patio. This creates the expanse of a larger space and maximizes the flow of light into your home.