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Window Installation – What to Expect?


You have decided to replace your windows and take on a major home improvement project.

But you must be wondering what to expect during the window installation process.

Since every window is different and a new window installation is a one-off event in most people’s lives, it’s hard to know what to expect. So here is a post for you that will help you prepare for your window installation.

Preparing Your Home

If you have chosen the best window installation contractors like Arizona Window Company, you should expect the installers to arrive on time. Moreover, rest assured that you can enjoy a smooth window installation process by working with true professionals.

Once the installers arrive at the destination, you can expect them to introduce themselves before starting with the job. You can expect the installers to prepare the working area before they get started. Moreover, they can also ask you to remove any personal belongings in the area of your home where they will be working. Expect your room to be adjusted to reduce any risk of injury while working or damage to your property. The installation may cover all your belonging using drop cloths to protect your furniture and flooring.

You should also expect your window installers to need ladders or platforms that will facilitate the installation process; however you do not have to provide for it as they will be bringing all the essential equipment along.

The Window Installation Process

The actual window installation process starts by removing the storm windows and exterior screens. Once that is removed, you can expect the installers to remove all your old window’s sliding tracks and sashes.

If you have opted for a pocket window installation, your new window can be installed in the frame opening. However, if you have a full-frame replacement installation, that would require removing the frame of your old window and the brick mold. Moreover, during the replacement process, you should expect a water management system that will help prevent any future water damage to your new window. Furthermore, the area around your new window will be filled with insulation before you get the finished look of your window.

Once the installation process is complete, expect your installers to clear off the entire work area, so it’s free of debris and tools before they leave your home.

Remember that all window installations are different and may require different steps, but with this general overview, you can get an idea of what to expect during the window installation process. Moreover, it’s best to work with a professional window installation company that offers exceptional service at an affordable price for a smooth window installation process. To find out more about window installation and other services, get in touch now and request a free estimate.