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3 Reasons to Replace Your Glass Window Even With a Small Crack

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You have the perfect living room with a large window that allows you to enjoy all the beautiful views outside your home. All of a sudden, you notice a small crack in your window glass. With window replacement being an expensive affair, this small crack on your window glass can be alarming, causing you to ask yourself: should I replace my window because of this single small crack?

Yes, you should replace your glass window even with a small crack!

Here is why.

3 Reasons to Replace Your Window (Even with a Single, Small Crack)

Better Security

When there is a crack in your window glass, it can damage the look of your window and your home, but more importantly, it can be a threat to the safety of your family. Cracked glass can be easily broken and may increase the risk of theft and burglary. Moreover, it can provide safe and easy access to wild intruders such as raccoons, rodents and bats. As soon as you notice a crack in your window, it is best to replace your glass window.

Enhanced Safety

A cracked window can be a potential hazard for your family. Unlike a window that is not damaged, a cracked window glass cannot handle excessive wind pressure. As a result, it may shatter and end up wounding your family members and loved ones.

Moreover, cracked windows allow a safe passage to external elements such as moisture, dirt, water and dust. All of this can damage the interior of your home, including your furniture, floor and other belongings.

When you replace your cracked glass window, you can enhance the safety of your loved ones and your belongings.

Improved Efficiency

Cracked windows allow external air to flow into your home. Moreover, the cooler (or warmer) air from your home also escapes outside. As a result, your heating and cooling system in the house needs to work more to maintain your home’s temperature. The constant inefficiency often translates into higher energy bills.

So if you think window replacement is an expensive bet, so you should continue with a cracked glass window, think again. It is better to opt for window replacement instead of paying extra money for wasted energy.

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